Dedicated Development Facility (DDF)

A Dedicated Development Facility (DDF) provides all the benefits of an experienced, capable engineering team without the common constraints. Unlike in a project-to-project execution situation, we maintain a team that is committed to all your requirements.

Continuously aligning engineering resources to demands, such as rapid adaptability to changing technologies, market dynamics and business models, and the constant need to innovate and satisfy ever-changing customer expectations, is challenging indeed. A DDF enables you to build the much sought-after flexibility into your resource capacity and its utilization. Lower cost per engineer plus the ability to shift engineers to and from your other projects, when necessary, allows Celstream DDF to adapt to your resource requirements.


A DDF is ideally structured and suited for product co-development engagements. It offers you a range of compelling benefits:

  • Offers complete focus and commitment to your product development needs
  • Virtually extends your in-house engineering resources
  • Experience and expertise under one roof
  • Offers you an opportunity to select, review and retain personnel
  • Fail-proof intellectual property protection policies and safeguards
  • Transparency in operation through efficient collaboration methodologies
  • Processes tailor-made for your needs
  • Provides world-class infrastructure, experienced human resource and proven processes at your disposal, without any investments from you
  • Provides scope for controlling costs through pre-defined cost structures

A key concern of customers while adopting the Outsourced Product Development model is the protection of their existing and new intellectual property rights (IPRs). Our DDF (Dedicated Development Facility) engagement model is designed to specifically address your IPRs protection concerns. It allows deployment of engineers on a long-term basis. This means that the knowledge of your domain and products is retained within the DDF, just like in your own operation. This not only allows for optimized and structured use of your existing IPRs, but also provides an opportunity to enhance your intellectual capital. All IPRs generated or enhanced by the DDF personnel as part of the engagement are assigned to the customer.

Apart from this strategic alignment, Celstream undertakes to provide several operational measures to ensure the safety of our customers’ IPRs, including:

  • Signing of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) to protect confidential information
  • Employee screening & retention to ensure high retention and long-term association of employees
  • Regular employee education & training to ensure up-to-date knowledge and application of IP protection practices
  • Digital Security to safeguard access to project information and environment
  • Secure Network Connectivity for safe remote logins, cross-facility collaborations and maximum operational efficiency
  • Each customer DDF is located in physically separate facilities, with entry regulated by card-key access control only to authorized personnel
  • Comprehensive 24X7 physical protection secures the DDF

We are flexible in our approach and open to discussing and undertaking additional measures depending upon your specific needs.

Many of our customers, who have been with us since our inception, have reaped the benefits offered by Celstream DDFs. To leverage the benefits of a Dedicated Development Facility for your organization, contact us.

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