Our Projects engagement model is ideally suited for a one-off or short-term product co-development engagements.

Depending on how well the project is defined and bounded, you may choose to enter into a fixed price or time & material agreement for the duration of the project. Once the details of the project have been defined, Celstream will recommend the portions of the project that can be completed by engineers in our offshore facilities. Project costs can be significantly reduced if greater amounts of work are completed offshore. Projects are concluded onsite with an in-depth final testing, customer acceptance and transfer of knowledge.

Leveraging the experience gathered on your product and technologies, we can provide ongoing maintenance for your product. Where appropriate, your on-going needs can be addressed through a longer-term engagement model such as the Dedicated Development Facility (DDF).

Fixed Price Projects (FPP)

When your need is very well specified and the project clearly defined, Celstream offers this low-risk software delivery model. It is ideal for projects requiring external expertise and resources to develop a specific product or application. Celstream manages the entire project and ensures quality delivery within the promised costs and schedules.

Celstream deploys the appropriate expertise required to understand your requirements and the skilled resources to architect, design and develop a custom solution. Once the product or application is developed, our experts can assist in installing it on-site and train your people. Optionally, we also offer ongoing support and maintenance services.

Time & Material (T&M)

Customers often find it difficult to define their requirements, particularly in emerging technology markets where specifications and implementation plans change frequently. In such cases, we offer our skilled resources on a time and material basis.

We form a team to execute the project while you retain the flexibility to adjust project resources based upon your evolving requirements. We also offer you the flexibility to switch to the Fixed Price Project model once the scope of your project becomes better understood. Our project team can either be located in our offshore facilities or on-site at your office.

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