Solution Accelerators

Relentless competition, rapidly changing market dynamics and a world of shrinking product lifecycles are making it absolutely imperative for businesses to reduce time-to-market and gain strategic advantage over competition.

Celstream’s Solution Accelerator program enables its customers and technology partners leverage sharable technology components or processes. We have distilled our knowledge repository built over years of focused engineering and domain experience to develop our Solution Accelerators. These domain-specific, customizable and ready to use Solution Accelerators will help cut development time and costs and accelerate the time-to-market of your products.


Key benefits of the Solution Accelerators include:

  • Effortlessly address technology challenges: Being built around known technology and engineering challenges, Solution Accelerators can be readily adapted to solve specific problems
  • Jump-start product development: The accelerators help in rapid prototyping and product development
  • Ensure quick market entry or expansion: The accelerators automate aspects of product development and shorten development cycle to reduce time-to-market of products
  • Reduce development costs: The accelerators leverage factors such as technology domain specific process automation practices and code re-use
  • Deliver high-quality solutions: Well defined, documented and time-tested components eliminate surprises, mitigate risk and ensure predictable, high quality releases of products

To know more about our Solution Accelerators program, please contact us.

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