Apple Technologies

The adoption of Apple® technologies is no longer a differentiator for many product companies – it could be paramount, when striving to compete and succeed in the marketplace. With over a decade of experience in Apple® technologies such as Apple® Mac®, Safari®, QT and iOS, Celstream has been the preferred partner to develop and deliver product programs addressing Apple® users for many industry leading companies.


Celstream’s Apple technologies expertise covers platforms and services including:

  • Design for Mac®
  • Validations based on understanding of domain, technology, user and market needs
  • iOS application development and iTunes app store submission
  • Core Foundation: Carbon®, Cocoa® and Objective-C®, Cocoa Touch®
  • QuickDraw®, QuickTime®
  • Networking: Bonjour®, SNMP, AppleScript®
  • XML, XSL, JavaScript®
  • Networking Protocols such as CFNetwork, UDP, TCP, SNMP, HTTP, IMAP, ActiveSync
  • Font management for TTF, Postscript® Type 1, Type42
  • Development Tools like CodeWarrior®, Xcode®, Interface Builder
  • Use of Debugging & Profiling tools like CHUD tools
  • Installer tools Vise X®, Package Maker
  • Instruments, Troubleshooting tools and applications
  • Cross-platform development

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