Cloud Computing

The adoption of Cloud has been gaining immense popularity due to the multitude of benefits that it offers. Almost all businesses can gain from the judicious use of Cloud and tap their previously locked potential. They can focus on driving efficiency and bolstering productivity of their core business rather than wasting precious effort managing resources.


Celstream offers expertise to build Cloud-based solutions grounds-up or through migration of existing, on-premises products to Cloud/hybrid solutions. We have extensive experience in developing Cloud services based on leading cloud platforms, including, AWS™, Microsoft Azure,® and Google® App Engine™. Celstream efficiently manages cloud operations to help optimize its utilization and maintain business agility.

Celstream has developed several innovative, high-quality solutions including a leading Mobile Print Solution, which enables mobile devices to off-load processor intensive file conversions to the cloud prior to printing. Another award-winning solution developed by Celstream for DMAM, which utilizes the cloud to perform the entire DMAM workflow, from ingest to play-out. This solution incorporates the cloud to store and process Digital Media, while allowing for the scheduling of media. We have also ported cloud media solutions from one PaaS platform to another for superior performance and TCO benefits. Additionally, Celstream has also developed a highly versatile Digital Signage Solution, which capitalizes on a cloud-based infrastructure to dynamically schedule and stream media to multiple locations, irrespective of geography.

AWS-based Reference Architectures

Celstream's Reference Architectures address the key requirements of the respective industries by effectively utilizing the AWS Cloud Computing platform. The reference architectures have been derived based on our in-depth domain expertise and proven experience of implementing similar solutions for several customers.


Celstream provides a host of cloud solutions that benefit both product users and owners. Product owners can drastically cut administrative & capital expenditure related to on-premise infrastructure, and lower costs associated with patches and bug fixes. The product users can have on-demand functionality that brings versatility and instant scalability, while eliminating incompatibility hurdles.

To know more about Celstream’s Cloud offerings and how it can help transform your business and accelerate business agility contact us.

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Celstream's strong domain and technology expertise helped the customer to develop a cloud based digital media asset management solution for small and medium broadcast studios. The solution reduces the SMB studios' investment in physical infrastructure and other on-premise assets through a pay-as-you-use model.
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Celstream's AWS based reference architecture for Narrowcasting solution enables media planners and enterprises to implement communication and advertisement programs with precise targeting and dynamic scheduling. The architecture enables deployment of high performance computing solutions that are reliable, geographically scalable and cost-effective.

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