Consumer Electronics

Technology Convergence, Digital Experience and Mobility are some key drivers of the Consumer Industry. The ever-evolving world of digital technology is pushing the boundaries of consumer entertainment and productivity. Presently, it is all about how technology enriches the consumer’s life. The value proposition demanded by the consumer of a product is - it should make life simpler, easier and smarter. Some of fast emerging trends towards that end include efficient remote management (with open standards such as TR-069), highly scalable Set-Top Box solutions that offer enhanced communication and entertainment capabilities and DLNA compliant products that enable a seamless environment for sharing digital content.


Celstream’s Product Engineering Services serve multiple domains in the Consumer Industry, encompassing all aspects of the product development lifecycle. We leverage our experiences in wide-ranging consumer technologies and standards and enhanced IPR Protection Policies to enable you to meet your customers’ requirements rapidly and more competitively.

Some of the consumer segments and related activities we serve are:

  • Entertainment devices such as Set-Top Boxes
  • Communication devices such as DSL Modems
  • Digital Home
  • Digital Multimedia
  • System Integration and Testing
  • Device Management
  • Mobility and small form factor solutions
  • Connected Consumer Solutions

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