Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a rapidly evolving landscape with immense potential to open up newer channels for all organizations to succeed in the new age. Leading research houses have predicted that in the coming years, the CMOs’ spend on technology will overtake the spend of the CIOs. This presents a unique and gigantic opportunity for product and technology companies with Digital Marketing focus.

To unlock the opportunity, Digital Marketing technology companies need to constantly innovate, differentiate and accelerate their time-to-market. Celstream, with its proven technology and domain expertise, can help increase your competitive advantage in addressing the Digital Marketing opportunity.


Celstream partners with clients and helps them to extend their technology capabilities by deeper understanding of the needs and then transforming them to a distinctive product or solution. We also provide comprehensive services covering the entire product lifecycle. Our digital marketing technology competency includes development and deployment of products and solutions addressing:

  • Marketing Operations & Experience – MRM, DAM, advertisement workflows, campaign management, content management systems, content marketing solutions, marketing apps, in-app purchase, marketing analytics, social media analytics, multi-channel analytics and reporting tools.
  • Marketing Automation Middleware & Platforms – DMPs, CDP, tag management, cloud brokers & connectors, user management, API/SDK, CRM, WCM and digital rights management.
  • Infrastructure & Foundational Technologies – Social media integration, cloud computing, big data & analytics and service delivery platforms.

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