Energy & Utilities

As the world’s energy requirements become increasingly demanding, the need for energy management is now more vital than ever before. Since 2009, several Governments have recognized the relevance of effective Energy & Utilities management to their Nations’ Strategic Interests. The Smart Metering of Energy & Utilities has been identified as one of the key objectives of several Utilities providers, as a means to effectively monitor in real-time the usage patterns across national and local grids and to allocate resources in an efficient and sustainable manner.


Celstream can leverage its strong embedded and software development competencies towards the development of reliable Smart Metering and Cleantech solutions for the Energy & Utilities industries. Having wide spanning experience in developing a world-class, flexible and stable remote device management platform, Celstream extends its expertise toward conceptualizing, developing and implementing Smart Metering solutions.

Our domain experience in cloud-based solutions can be extended towards the development of Smart Utility Grids, Enable Real Time Monitoring, Remote Controls and In-home Device Controls, thus enabling the sustainable use of vital resources.

We recognize that mobility is gaining importance as the world moves towards a fully integrated connected-device scenario. Our mobility solutions and front panel development solutions using platforms including, Android, iOS and BlackBerry OS can be extended to incorporate Device and Content management in the Energy & Utilities domain.

Celstream adopts and adapts emerging technologies to build flexible and robust solutions to enable the sustainable practice of Smart Management of Energy, across several applications.

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