Independent Software Vendors

Constant evolution of software technologies is both an opportunity and a challenge for the Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). To take full advantage of the continuously evolving technology trends, an organization needs a team that is both specialist and multi-skilled.

In the present market scenario, demand for custom, flexible and frequent market releases is no more restricted to only a certain class of consumer applications, even OS vendors have adopted the model resulting in constant updates and maintenance. The major challenges facing ISVs are:

  • Tight product release cycles
  • Impact on ‘costing’ and ‘time-to-market’ objectives due to continuous changes in ‘scheduling’, ‘scoping’ and ‘resources’


As a global software product development services company, Celstream understands these challenges and issues and is well-positioned to meet your most demanding time-to-market and ROI goals. We leverage our deep technology expertise, diverse domain experience, offshore product development capability, strong process orientation and expertise in quality methodologies, to meet your expectations - be it reduced product development cycles or quicker time-to-market implementations.


We have the capability to extend your engineering capability by conceiving and delivering a complete product based on your specifications. Alternatively, we can provide value additions as per your need across the entire product lifecycle including:


Celstream offers the following benefits to our ISV partners:

  • Extensive senior management experience in product development and remote program management
  • Flexibility to ramp up human resources, depending upon the scale of the project
  • Proven methodologies based on a decade of product development experience and multi-faceted exposure to different verticals
  • Strong focus and commitment to IPR protection practices
  • World-class facilities and development centers

Over the years, our emphasis has been on developing partnerships that will leverage our expertise and knowledge base, and provide long-term value to our customers. A perfect formula that will enable you to successfully deliver high-quality and cost-effective software products!

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