Media & Entertainment

The Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry is undergoing fundamental changes in its business landscape, influenced by rapidly evolving technologies, fierce competition, and swiftly changing market conditions. Celstream is well positioned to help enterprises capitalize these trends with its Product Engineering Services that are grounded in deep product engineering expertise and extensive experience in building innovative products for technology companies in the Media & Entertainment industry.


Celstream’s Product Engineering Services serve multiple domains in the Media & Entertainment Industry, encompassing all aspects of the product development lifecycle. We have a rich heritage in helping technology companies in M&E stay agile and respond innovatively to fast-changing consumer needs. Our strong competencies across various technology areas of the M&E industry are depicted below:


Our in-depth understanding of the domains, technologies, platforms and standards of the M & E industry enables us to develop innovative and high quality products and solutions.


Celstream provides its services to companies in all phases of the M&E value chain - capture/creation, processing, distribution/delivery and consumption. We leverage our extensive experience in wide-ranging technologies and standards to develop innovative products and solutions that enable you to meet your customers’ requirements rapidly and more competitively.

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