A highly robust hardware with a singular functionality used to be a recipe for success for OEMs – not anymore! Customer preferences have evolved – and, have been redefined by the consumer experiences such as smartphones and other touch devices. The rapid adoptions of converged and connected devices, advancements in allied technology areas such as cloud computing and big data, have significantly raised the expectations on what constitutes a product and how it is consumed.

Be it delivering innovative products that redefine the marketplace or sustaining your competitive edge through product refresh and updates, Celstream can be your ideal partner in meeting your product development goals.


Celstream is a trusted partner for device OEMs of varied industries, including several F-500 companies. We have proven experience in delivering value to our partners by:

  • Re-inventing the product lines to address evolving market needs such as:
    • Pay-per-use and on-demand consumption
    • Immersive user experience using touch and gestures
    • Addressing the emerging markets with VFM variants
  • Sustaining their competitive advantage in the marketplace by:
    • Co-development of robust products in predictable timelines
    • Meeting their customer expectations of quality and functionality in released products
    • Investigating and implementing differentiated features
    • Providing the ability to deliver more with an increasingly shrinking R&D budgets

Backed by a decade long track record, Celstream offers following services to device OEMs:

  • New product development
  • Productization based on device platforms
  • Product refresh
  • Product QA & Certification
  • Turnkey delivery including software, firmware development, technical documentation, localization
  • Field defects analysis and resolution
  • Device management and M2M applications

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