Android based smart front panels

"Android front panels that are feature-rich, robust, and can seamlessly integrate with any devices."

The proprietary interface panels on a significant portion of electronic equipment have not evolved with time, and offer limited functionalities with an insipid user experience.

However, a few pioneering Device OEMs are focusing on designing the next generation front panel solutions that would provide immersive user experience and rich functionality at lower costs.

Celstream Solution

Celstream has in-depth expertise in developing Android™-based Smart Front Panel solutions. Our Android front panels are feature-rich, robust, low-cost panels that can be integrated with any devices. Our smart panels are software that:

  • Leverage cloud services to increase functionality over the default equipment feature-set
  • Enhance mobility by moving functionality from the equipment to a mobile device
  • Offer customization to address industry-specific application requirements, even after shipping
  • Use the existing rich smartphone and tablet application ecosystem

Key features of Celstream’s smart front panel based solutions have been listed below.

Standard Functionalities

  • Seamlessly incorporate existing interface functionalities, configurations and settings
  • Base feature set customizable with OEM’s look and feel
  • Ability to present different capabilities of configuration parameters, based on user privileges
Dynamic Capability Transformation

  • Enable dynamic transformation of the feature set to equip a device to address a unique requirement
  • Feature set can be modified even after shipment using remote firmware and software updates
  • Enables installation and de-installation of application set as and when required
Integrated Cloud Framework

  • Ability to offer enhanced features and functionalities in conjunction with cloud services
  • Integrated cloud framework enables advanced service workflows including parts/consumables fulfilment, remote device management, service support and intelligent job management
Operational Mobility

  • Capable of extending the fixed, front panel functionality resident on an equipment to a mobile app running on smartphones and tablets
  • Accessibility of nearby devices directly from smartphones and tablets
  • Create unique & differentiated features by leveraging smartphone’s sensor abilities
Hardware Independence

  • Create applications and service workflows that are independent of hardware specifications
  • Provide unified customer experience across a range of equipment
  • Ability to provide personalized and highly differentiated solution for each customer
Compatibility & Customization

  • Ability to support any proprietary firmware or application stack allowing OEMs to tailor solutions for the consumer, specialty, SMB and enterprise markets
  • Facilitate customization based on geography, industry, user or role
  • Application ecosystem enables dynamic customization of the feature set of the equipment
Rich Application Ecosystem

  • Enable access to applications already developed for mobile operating systems
  • Provide unified solution experience irrespective of the client capability
  • Expose device capabilities as SDK extensions, enabling application developers to easily incorporate additional functionalities

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