AWS reference architecture digital asset management solution

A model cloud solution to increase market share at significantly lower costs

The widespread adoption of user-generated contemporary media has increased the challenges of managing already exploding digital content. Production houses and broadcast studios, both large and small, require simple solutions that can be easily scaled to meet their complex content management and workflow needs.

Today's extensive market needs range from video cataloging capabilities that effectively integrate and use vast volumes of video assets, to increasingly complex workflows that span various business models and incorporate multi-channel distribution. Also required today, is virtual integration with other digital media applications that minimizes disruption to existing processes and maximizes business efficiency, and support for varied standards and formats.

AWS Architecture Diagram - Digital Asset Management

Celstream Reference Architecture

Celstream's unique cloud based Digital Media Asset Management (DMAM) Solution Reference Architecture effectively addresses the challenges mentioned above by taking advantage of the AWS™ Cloud Computing platform. The reference architecture is based on our in-depth DMAM domain expertise achieved through successful project implementation for several customers. When compared to a traditional on-premise DMAM software solution, cloud solutions can help in significantly reducing the need for highly sophisticated and expensive physical computing assets, including the storage space required to house such assets. Cloud-based solutions offer the flexibility that enables DMAM solution providers and their clients to dynamically assign storage, bandwidth and processing capabilities, therefore optimizing the use of available resources, while minimizing investment. Furthermore, such solutions can enable DMAM solution providers to reach a wider market, not restricted by physical and geographical barriers.

Overview of Key Components

  • Web client is used to upload, ingest, and edit the digital content, and also to add asset metadata
  • Processed digital content is stored in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3™)
  • Content related data and Meta data is stored in Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS™)
  • Consumers use media players to request for the required content
  • Request is authenticated and authorized using the stored data already available in RDS
  • Wowza™ Streaming Server is then used for streaming of the requested content
  • And finally, Amazon CloudFront™ is used for delivery of the content
Benefits of Celstream Reference Architecture

Solutions based on Celstream's Reference Architecture will have the characteristic benefits of solutions based on the powerful AWS cloud platform including:

  • Support for multiple business models including Pay-per-use model
  • Limited upfront investment on infrastructure, and no headache of maintenance. Customer can focus on their primary strength - the media business
  • Multi-tenant system which can serve multiple clients from a single instance of deployment
  • Multi-user and multi-role system with different rights
  • Highly-available and scalable storage service with AWS S3
  • Improved latency and fault tolerance, and reduced operating cost with AWS Cloud Front, a geographically distributed high performance edge cache server

In addition to these, Celstream's competence in wide ranging technologies and proven expertise in building products for the DMAM industry can be of significant benefit to engineer solutions that are:

  • Based on a structured integration strategy to enable a seamless transition from a disparate set of on-premise systems to a collaborative, Hybrid Cloud based one
  • Support multiple deployment options: on-premise, on private or public cloud
  • Support easy mechanisms to extend and integrate with potential future workflows
  • Refactor existing infrastructure and applications to develop an optimal solution with faster time-to-market

Celstream is a leading AWS consulting partner with proven and specialized expertise in delivering high quality, complex cloud solutions with powerful features such as:

  • Auto-scaling, load balanced solutions on virtual servers (Amazon EC2)
  • Secure content delivery and media solutions (Amazon S3, Amazon EBS, AWS Import/Export, AWS Storage Gateway, Amazon CloudFront)
  • Data intensive and analytics solutions (Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB)
  • Cloud hosting and management solutions (AWS Management Control, AWS Identity & Access Management, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon CloudFront, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS CloudFormation)
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