Case Studies

Product Engineering Services

Celstream's dedicated development facility (DDF) extends an ISV's development team and helps exceed their product roadmap goals

Celstream's DDF catapulted our customer, an emerging ISV with proprietary technology in the content space but lacking the time and resources to develop vertical solutions, to an owner of a patent application and several vertical solutions in accelerated time.


Tool configuration and management for a leading peripheral manufacturer

Celstream implemented a common web server that enabled users to configure, manage, diagnose, and troubleshoot via a regular browser.

802.1x implementation in printers of a leading document management technology and service enterprise

Celstream enhanced the network security capabilities of our customer's MFP devices, and consequently helped the client achieve higher sales.

Automation control of broadcast devices for a large broadcast studio

Celstream successfully implemented a next-generation control system offering for our customer. In the process, Celstream also enhanced the performance and functionality of the control system.

Touch screen GUI for a real-time system

Our customer manufactured and supplied a wide range of products that worked in a realtime, mission-critical environment. Celstream designed a user-friendly and intuitive GUI that enhanced the usability and control of their next-gen products.


Remote monitoring solution for a leading broadcast infrastructure and equipment manufacturer

Celstream developed a SNMP based solution for remote monitoring with support for multiple systems. The solution helped our customer offer 24/7 service to its customers and expand its monitoring capability to diagnose and fix issues proactively.

Complex device management needs of a leading manufacturer of networked computer devices met with a simple solution

Celstream helped our customer effectively manage their advanced, feature-rich products with a user-friendly support tool. The tool enhanced usability of their products and fulfilled user requirements.

Enterprise Mobility

Developing a color accurate and secure soft proofing solution for Apple iPad® users

A world leading soft proofing solution provider leveraged Celstream's mobile expertise to extend their desktop based soft proofing solution to Apple iPad. The intuitive and attractive application provides soft proofing on-the-go, thereby improving the time to market, at a reduced cost.

Mobile app for improved sales performance – product pricing & availability

A US-based technology major entrusted Celstream to create a mobile application, that will provide an accurate and on-demand access to information on the company's over 20,000 products and accessories. The smart app significantly improved the sales performance and reduced the cycle time for order closures.

Dynamic advertisement insertion in DVB-H enabled mobile phones

Celstream, with a proven track record in the small form factor applications arena, developed and tested the mobile phone application software, and ensured a successful release within a tight development timeline.

Cloud Computing

Consulting and engineering a hybrid cloud solution for a new media technology startup company

Celstream's strong domain and technology expertise helped the customer to develop a cloud based digital media asset management solution for small and medium broadcast studios. The solution reduces the SMB studios' investment in physical infrastructure and other on-premise assets through a pay-as-you-use model.

AWS™ based reference architecture for cloud-based E-Learning solution

Celstream's AWS based reference architecture for e-learning helps portal owners to create cost-effective, highly scalable and value-adding solutions for the education fraternity. The architecture enables deployment of SaaS solutions that integrate with other collaborative and business system software. The architecture also supports extension of the solution for mobile and integration with hardware kits/devices.

AWS™ based reference architecture for cloud-based Digital Media Asset Management (DMAM) solution

Celstream's unique AWS based Digital Media Asset Management (DMAM) Solution reference architecture effectively addresses the need for a scalable solution that can handle the increasingly complex digital media workflows, with ease. The architecture enables content delivery, media hosting and management for broadcast-grade videos and other rich media.

AWS™ based reference architecture for cloud-based Narrowcasting solution

Celstream's AWS based reference architecture for Narrowcasting solution enables media planners and enterprises to implement communication and advertisement programs with precise targeting and dynamic scheduling. The architecture enables deployment of high performance computing solutions that are reliable, geographically scalable and cost-effective.

Custom Solutions

Web-to-Print (W2P) workflow solution for a leading print and document services retail chain

Celstream significantly enhanced the productivity and profitability of our customer with a customized Web-to-Print workflow solution.

D-Cinema workflow for a leading multimedia company

Celstream enabled the digital cinema workflow by automating mastering operations in a studio and playout in a digital theatre. The solution resulted in a seamless handling of film data from acquisition to post-production and transmission via digital means.

Innovative music creation software for a multimedia startup

Celstream helped our customer enter and excel in the music creation software market, with an innovative product offering that drastically changed the way music is created.

Internationalization (localization) of digital front-end software of a digital press manufacturer

Celstream developed a framework for internationalization of our customer's software. The framework enabled quick and easy customization of the software to various languages, and consequently enhanced its sales.

Real-time transport protocol for a live content protection server

A major security software technology company leveraged Celstream's expertise in developing a real-time transport protocol solution for a live content-protection server. The protocol provides end-to-end network transport functions suitable for applications transmitting real-time data over multicast or unicast network services.

Apple Technologies

Video compression for Mac

A fast growing video compression solutions company leveraged Celstream's Mac expertise to heighten the product success of its video compression solution for Mac platforms.

File synchronization utility for a leading global storage devices company

Celstream developed a file synchronization utility across operating platforms to work with our customer's soon-to-be-launched USB hard drives. The utility successfully met the requirements of ease-of-use, robustness, encryption based security, compression, and versioning.

Raster printer driver (Macintosh)

Celstream's raster printer driver allows users to select the output format based on the print device capabilities.


PC based routing switcher simulator for a renowned multimedia company

Celstream helped our customer overcome several challenges it faced in sustaining and enhancing its routing system. The solution ensured greater sales of the routing system in a cost-effective manner and at faster time-to-market.

Testing management software for multi-functional devices using SNMP for a document management technology and services enterprise

Celstream incorporated a set of corporate defined standards on our customer's multi-functional devices to ensure an enhanced and high-quality product.

Multi-functional test lab for a global computer hardware manufacturer

Celstream helped our customer consistently upgrade its product features in aggressive time-scales with a multi-functional test lab.

Applying test automation in product development

Celstream's test automation solution reduced the testing cycle time, software errors and time-to-market cycles of a new software framework released by a leading media technology company.