Celstream turnkey development

Gain competitive edge and marketshare through partnered turnkey product development

"Value of business enabled $110M; savings in R&D cost $2.5M."


A Fortune 500 OEM needed to replace its flagship imaging device for a key market segment. The current offering was nearing its planned end of life, and needed to be upgraded with one that incorporated newer technologies, better features and improved performance. The new device was conceptualized as a combination of a Japanese imaging hardware and the OEM’s advanced platform. Additionally, the supporting embedded software was envisioned on a new technology platform, equipped with state-of-the-art features like touch-based front panel, multiple finishing hardware options, and support for increased media handling. The OEM lacked the resources and expertise to execute this project in its entirety, within extremely demanding timelines.

Celstream’s more than a decade of expertise in embedded software development along with extensive know-how of multiple technology domains convinced the OEM to choose Celstream as its development partner. Celstream was entrusted to deliver the entire embedded software and firmware for the program on a turnkey basis.


  • Simultaneous development of the hardware, platform and embedded software
  • Analyzing the pre-existing codebase with over 12 million lines of code, to enhance product functionality
  • Balancing the need for flexibility (to address competitiveness), with predictability (of delivery schedule)
  • Rapid development of the deliverables to meet customer’s planned product launch date

Key Highlights
  • Complete program management by Celstream
  • Singular ownership of integration with device hardware, touch-based front panel and finishers
  • Automated test framework for embedded software and client to increase robustness
  • Continuous integration and build management to effectively monitor code quality and integrity at all stages of development
Celstream Response

Celstream’s team of experts liaised with the customer to identify the key result areas of the project. A joint effort was initiated to draw up the key responsibilities of both, the customer and Celstream. Celstream managed development of the embedded software, which encompassed hardware integration, PDL integration, network support firmware, media handling and finisher integration. Furthermore, Celstream’s engineers built the Windows®, Macintosh® & Unix® drivers for the device. Celstream also developed the client tools, which included utilities for device usage analysis and font management. Additionally, Celstream was assigned the primary responsibility for testing the final product, which included test planning & tracking, embedded and client software testing, and support for Microsoft® HCK certification.

Celstream initiated the transition process, which involved knowledge ramp-up of the customer's codebase for the print engine and software controller. Agile methodology for software development was employed to ensure the optimized production of the deliverables.

  • Project teams were scaled up well in advance to ensure the timely execution of the project
  • Scrum teams coordinated with products owners from OEM to deliver stories in 2 week intervals
  • An automated test and continuous integration framework were built to ensure the quality and stability of the delivered code
Benefits to Customer

  • Practice of Agile methodologies ensured OEM’s teams could experience developed features early, provide feedback on a regular basis, and assess project progress continuously
  • Automation and continuous build techniques to accelerate development and testing, yet protecting integrity
  • Significant cost reduction and improved time-to-market
  • Product was delivered well within the required timeframe, ensuring that the customer retained and enhanced their presence in the specific target segment

In developing this solution, Celstream used the following key software tools and technologies:

  • Wind River® Linux®
  • Apache™
  • HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript™, gSOAP
  • C, C++®, Java®, PHP
  • SNMP, PJL, Gdb, DDD
  • ClearQuest®
  • ScrumWorks®

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