Cloud Solution for DMAM

Drive business growth through innovative hybrid cloud solutions

Case Study – Value of Business Enabled - $30M; Savings in R&D Expense - $1.5M.


A pioneering new media technology startup company conceptualized a Digital Media Asset Management solution for Small and Medium broadcast studios. The solution needed the company to provide its clients with storage and browsing facilities as well as a full lifecycle Digital Media workflow solution, from ingest to playout, in a pay-as-you-use model. The company needed to reduce the customer's investment in physical infrastructure and other on-premise assets for the solution to be attractive to its target segment of SMB studios. To be successful, the solution had to allow its users to have uninterrupted access to their assets and workflows, while also providing the flexibility to consume storage on a need basis. Furthermore, the company also required a rich and intuitive user interface that enables easy adoption and usage.

Celstream was chosen to be the technology partner, providing consultation and engineering services, based on its strong domain expertise and comprehensive technology experience including Cloud Computing. Celstream designed a hybrid Cloud solution that met with the business needs of the customer.


  • Devising a solution that operates on high resolution content and continues to be functional even when the connection to the cloud is not available
  • Designing the workflows and metadata content in such a way that they do not impede collaboration or the optimal use of cloud infrastructure
  • Seamless integration with a complex ecosystem of multi - vendor and multi technology systems and components
  • Incorporating flexibility to use server capacity only as required and reducing investments in redundant resources
  • Adaptation of traditional systems for media applications
  • Scale and flexibility to support SOHO to a large-scale Enterprise operation

Key Highlights

  • Consultation Services to evolve an effective solution architecture meeting the business objectives
  • Seamless integration between the Cloud and On-premise services
  • Rich and user-friendly graphic user interface
  • Flexible, automated workflow solution

Celstream Response

Celstream's team of experts worked with the customer to develop a unique, flexible and scalable solution to meet the customer needs. The solution was built using the Microsoft® technology stack on top of AWS™ platform. Celstream’s contribution to the engagement includes:

Consulting & Architecture

  • An integration strategy to enable the seamless transition from a disparate set of on-premise systems to a collaborative, cloud based solution
  • A Hybrid Cloud Solution Architecture that optimizes data storage, usage capabilities and improve overall efficiency by:
    • Fast transfer of low-bandwidth media from on-premise framework to the cloud for storage and editing
    • Processing of high-bandwidth (high-res, High Definition) media using on-premise systems for storage, editing and broadcasting
    • Collaboration on the cloud based on stored assets and metadata

Implementation of On-Premise Services

  • Metadata data model for asset searching and browsing
  • Web GUI using Microsoft Silverlight to enable full DMAM functionality comprising of:
    • Import of media & preview
    • Meta data extraction and editing
    • Transcoding to popular formats
    • Export to Cloud platform
    • Running custom workflows
    • Backup and preserve assets for reuse

Implementation of Cloud-based Platform

  • Feature rich implementation matching On-premise service capabilities
  • A powerful yet easy to configure Multitenant system with role based authorization which can serve multiple clients from a single location
  • Advanced workflow designer, deployment and monitoring
  • Rich, flexible and intuitive Web-based interface
  • Implementation of additional services including the integration of tools in compliance with industry standards
  •® platform based development
    • Using the database for the management of metadata
    • Enabling other compatible applications to run on top of the platform
    • Enabling Collaborative environment by integrating with Chatter interface of

Benefits to Customer

  • Celstream’s strong domain & technology experience guided adoption of the right solution strategy meeting business objectives
  • Use of solution accelerators enabled shorter time-to-market


In developing these solutions, Celstream used the following key software tools, technologies & platforms:

  • Amazon EC2™, Amazon S3™, Amazon EBS™
  • Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.0
  • Microsoft® Silverlight®
  • Microsoft® SQL Server 2008®
  • C#, Java

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