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Enable New Revenue Channels: Employ Custom Digital Marketing Solutions

"Gain in-depth business insights using custom reporting solutions."


Our client, a leading digital marketing technology and services player operates multiple service lines to enhance the marketing experience and business intelligence of enterprises in varied industries. A customer engagement could involve use of one or more of its service lines spanning planning, project management, programming, testing & optimization, data/asset management, quality assurance, analytics and business intelligence. The company used an assortment of software to automate the workflow of each service line. However, the existing system was unable to cope up with the rapid growth of multi-service line engagements.

The company envisioned a unified technology platform that seamlessly integrates the functionality of the various service lines. The unified platform would also increase the productivity of its teams and enhances its ability to provide deeper insights to its customers.

Celstream’s more than a decade of expertise in providing technology consultation and solution engineering services along with extensive know-how of multiple technologies convinced the client to choose us as its development partner for the unified platform. Celstream was entrusted to deliver the solution on a turnkey basis.


The key challenges the company faced that led to the conceptualization of this software solution included:

  • Absence of off-the-shelf software that has powerful and easy-to-use interface, and can be easily integrated with specific digital marketing solutions
  • Need for a solution that evolves with the unique experiences and best practices of the company in the future

Key Highlights

  • A unified platform for all service lines and support functions for seamless and real time collaboration
  • An attractive and easy-to-use web and mobile compatible interface
  • Advanced solution that can evolve with the unique experiences and requirements of the company
Celstream Response

Celstream’s team of technology experts liaised with the customer to identify the key outcome areas of the project. Celstream architected and implemented an advanced digital marketing technology platform, within a very short span of time. Agile methodology for software development was used to ensure frequent validation of deliverables against business goals. In-focus functionalities of the solution include:

  • An attractive, easy-to-use, web and mobile compatible interface capable of displaying live dashboards, reports and tables
  • End-to-end reporting services along with the ability to upload, tag, parse, test, store, filter and report data. Also, enabling nested cross tabulations and other forms of aggregation and drill downs using easy to use interface
  • Efficient management of group data and enabling alerts on triggers
  • Multitenant UI with flexibility to customize themes based on branding guidelines of its customer
  • Custom social media interface for users to share status and collaborate with other users
  • Data warehousing functionality with ability to manually import and export data and also configure the system to automatically connect and fetch data from external systems
  • Easy integration with several 3rd party digital marketing software such as Askia and ConfirmIT
  • A repository for managing documents/assets through their lifecycle
Benefits to Customer

  • The comprehensive and integrated solutions enabled the client to achieve:
    • Seamless integration and collaboration
    • Dramatic improvement in decision making process
    • Additional revenue streams from value added services
  • Automation and continuous build techniques allowed concurrent development and faster time-to-release, yet protecting integrity
  • Solution engineering based on agile methodology and Celstream solution accelerators enabled:
    • Flexible implementation meeting specific and evolving customer needs
    • Cost-effective, robust and faster time-to-market

In developing this solution, Celstream used the following key software tools and technologies:

  • C#, Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.5
  • HTML5, CSS 3, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008, Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012
  • KendoUI Controls, Infragistics® NucliOS™ (iOS)
  • ConfirmIT, Askia Survey Data Access
  • SPSS®, SSS and fixed width ASCII file formats
  • Android™, iOS®

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