Enterprise mobility app for sales

Mobile App for Improved Sales Performance - Product Pricing and Availability

"Boost Revenue with Custom Developed Enterprise Mobility Applications."


Recent advances in enterprise mobility have enabled anytime-anywhere access to updated information, at the salesman’s fingertip, enabling them to provide answers to queries on-demand.

In light of these advancements Celstream conceptualized a mobile field services application for a US-based, global 500 supplier of scientific instruments. The enterprise needed to represent and communicate information about their 20,000+ products, accessories and software in a crisp and clear manner. They also required a solution to increase sales & marketing throughput. Before the solution was conceptualized, the sales cycle time was more due to the tedious manual process of identifying the right fit product based on the customer’s need, from a huge repository of products and solutions. Celstream identified the need for mobile field services automation and proposed a solution that enabled the company’s sales force to quickly look up product availability and prices and hence improve their competitive approach.

Celstream was entrusted with the implementation of the full lifecycle of the solution – from business consultation to product-ideation, solution and usability design, implementation and app store listing of the solution.


  • Manage large and complex database of over 20,000 products, their accessories and pricing
  • Fast search and near real-time access to information so that the customer and sales person’s time is utilized efficiently
  • Quick follow through actions to enable faster sales closures
Key Highlights

  • Highly responsive app with a Smart search functionality, enabling product name, product number and wild-card searches
  • Intuitive and attractive graphical user-interface
  • Operate in both connected and offline modes
  • Supports the latest iPad® and iOS versions
Celstream Response

Celstream’s mobility experts identified developed an engaging product availability listing application in a short time frame – from ideation to delivery. The solution highlights include:

  • A standalone application that can operate in both connected and offline modes
  • A scalable, reliable, and highly responsive app
  • An advanced search engine capable of high-speed search and retrieval function from a database of over 20,000 products and the related items
  • An extensive research on various data population techniques to ensure the app is capable of handling any format of data, provided the data has been populated following the appropriate process
  • A built-in basic invoicing and customer data management tool
  • A provision to mail the price & quantity listings, and unsigned invoices to customers, subject to connectivity
  • An intuitive and user-friendly GUI

Challenges faced during implementation:

  • Defining a secured and optimized way of retaining rich media data within the mobile device for offline use
  • An extremely responsive app capable of high speed search and retrieval was the key requirement for the solution to figure two steps ahead of the competition
  • Usability requirement was not native of the mobility environment, hence additional platform level developments were required to accommodate the same
Benefits to Customer

Product benefits:

  • Easy communication of information on a large, complex portfolio of products enabled:
    • Faster sales conversions
    • Confident representation of the offerings by the sales team
    • Instant communication resulting in superior customer satisfaction and improved closures

Benefits due to partnership with Celstream:

  • Celstream managed end-to-end responsibilities from design, development, hosting to getting the app certified on app stores
  • We are now in the third generation of the same app and we have mastered the concept to decide on the best possible update based on the customer’s needs
  • Solution engineering based on agile methodology and Celstream solution accelerators enabled:
    • Flexible implementation meeting specific and evolving user needs
    • Cost-effective, robust and faster time-to-market

In developing this solution, Celstream used the following key software tools and technologies:

  • iOS
  • Xcode®
  • Objective-C®

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