Integrated project management solution

Improve business performance and drive operational efficiency through integrated solutions

"A platform-based custom solution for automation and integration of multiple business service lines."


Our client, a leading technology provider, operates multiple service lines. Use of diverse software solutions, tools and utilities for each service line severely impacted the productivity of the operations. The lack of visibility of the client engagements across service lines was a critical roadblock in winning complex multi-service line bids and also resulted in poor customer satisfaction.

To address these challenges, the company decided to invest in a custom solution that would streamline and integrate the workflow of its service lines. The solution was also conceptualized to be a Digital Marketing Platform that would allow evolution of additional solutions in the future – a unique and first of its kind concept for the digital marketing domain. The Platform would consist of a complete suite of applications for project management, survey programming, data cleaning, dashboard and analysis.

Celstream’s distinguished track record in providing technology consultation and engineering services along with extensive know-how of multiple technology domains convinced the client to choose them as its technology partner. Celstream was entrusted to deliver the entire Digital Marketing Platform and its integration with 3rd party solutions, on a turnkey basis.


  • Errors, delays in turn-around-time and lack of collaborative approach due to the usage of a combination of multiple software, tools and worksheets to perform activities for different service lines
  • Minimal visibility of the overall engagement, due to the lack of a centralized and shared solution
  • Inability to develop and deliver insights to a multi-service customer due to the siloed reporting and analysis

Key Highlights

  • End-to-end and easy to use project management solution
  • A common operating platform for all service lines and support functions for seamless and real time collaboration
  • An attractive and easy to use web interface to display features of the project management software
  • Complete workflow guidance from RFQ to project closure
Celstream Response

Celstream’s team of technology experts liaised with the customer to identify the key features of the solution and developed a comprehensive dashboard driven project management solution that catered to all of the requirements. Agile methodology for software development was employed to ensure the optimized production of the deliverables. The solution highlights include:

  • End-to-end workflow guidance from RFQ to project closure. Creation of a common platform for all service lines to collaborate and control the execution of projects
  • Dashboard driven project monitoring that enables efficient tracking of progress. Rules-based automated alerts to actively monitor the roadblocks
  • Additional workflow features included user management and access control, bid management, project creation, project execution, project monitoring, and time-sheet management among many others
  • Seamless integration with the reporting solutions to enable access to relevant data and presenting them through the dashboard
  • Support for multiple chat options:
    • Internal – Real-time interaction between team members
    • External – Real-time interaction with customers via the reporting interface
  • Act as a central repository to store, search and fast retrieve all project related information
Benefits to Customer

  • The comprehensive and integrated solution enabled the client to achieve:
    • Seamless and real time collaboration
    • Dramatic improvement in efficiency and quality
    • Faster responsiveness and increased customer satisfaction
  • Accelerated & secure development using automation and continuous build techniques
  • Solution engineering based on agile methodology enabled:
    • Flexible implementation meeting specific and evolving customer needs
    • Cost-effective, robust and faster time-to-market

In developing this solution, Celstream used the following key software tools and technologies:

  • C#, Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.5
  • HTML5, CSS 3
  • JavaScript™, jQuery
  • Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008, Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012
  • KendoUI Controls

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