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"Color Accurate and Secure Soft Proofing Solution for Mobile Platforms"


Designers, publishers, prepress and printers around the world are now more accustomed to fully digital workflows which are more efficient, rapid, predictable, consistent, and affordable.

These digital workflows are also evolving by mainstream integration of business applications on mobile devices like the iPad®. Even soft proofing has moved from desktops to mobile devices to benefit from better collaboration and faster review cycles.

Our client, a USA based ISV, is a leading soft proofing solutions provider. The organization already provides an industry leading desktop based soft proofing solution for media houses. The software runs on the client server model. The workflow involves multiple stake holders – agencies and their clients. The software allowed them to move the creative from one desk to the other through a workflow and simultaneously creating versions in the server. The client’s vision was to extend this existing solution to a mobile platform, in this case Apple iPad. This idea was solely conceptualized to enable soft proofing on-the-go, thereby improving the time to market, at a reduced cost.

Celstream was entrusted with the end-to-end responsibilities of designing and developing this iPad application. The GUI of the app needed to be advanced, intuitive and attractive, making it one of the focal points of the design.


  • Stakeholders necessarily need to be connected to the server and need to stay in front of their desktop during the soft proofing validation process.
  • The validation process was facing regular delays due to the constraints of the PC based way of approval.
Key Highlights

  • A mobile soft proofing app that enables real time collaboration with any number of reviewers
  • Secure communication with client’s server software to support the required soft proofing workflows
  • Smart and custom list filters that ease viewing of projects based on various criteria and user preferences
  • Intuitive and attractive graphical user interface that supports both landscape and portrait orientations

Celstream Response

Celstream’s mobility experts tackled the challenges head on and successfully developed an iPad soft proofing application that allowed people to view the creative in their tablets, perform the same function that they were able to do through their computer and still were able to respond from anywhere because it was available to them 24/7. As a product company, we factored in multi-release and a whole product development concept along with constant support, instead of treating this as a mere mobile app development project as done by most services companies.

The application, incorporating the proposed functionalities, was delivered with an attractive GUI which became the stand out point for the app. The development of the solution was primarily focused on the challenging aspects like:

  • Accurate study and replication of the already existing browser-based solution, into a mobile environment.
  • Understand client provided APIs. The APIs were in JSON format instead of the commonly used REST format. This made the process of integrating the APIs with iOS a challenging one.
  • Ensuring all controls, metadata, and raster graphics get displayed in completeness, in both the portrait and landscape mode of the iPad.
  • Secure communication with the server over Wi-Fi. Every instance was to be authenticated to maintain a high level of security.
  • Synchronizing customer-defined color scheme and the color pattern supported by iOS.

Challenges faced during implementation:

  • The UI experience changed from point & click to scroll in tablet. The ability to build a solution without changing the UI Experience was very important like Zoom in, Zoom out, Quick scrolls etc.
  • Existing software was never architected for mobility and hence we had to make changes in the mobile side and built a secured communication layer, which was not available on the mobile eco system, to be able to talk to the server.
  • Challenging timeline of 3 months as the client intended to unveil the app in an upcoming prestigious industry event and capitalize on the early mover advantage in the market.
Benefits to Customer

Product benefits:

  • Mobile version is more intuitive than the desktop version because it is gesture based and not tab based.
  • Attractive & user friendly UI leading to increased customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced response time allowing improved efficiency in terms of time and cost for each soft proofing project.
  • A significant increase in the number of customers for our client within 3 months of the release of the application.

Benefits due to partnership with Celstream:

  • A ready-to-market, robust app within the challenging timeframe.
  • Shortened time-to-market and significant cost benefits enabled by the use of Celstream solution accelerators.
  • Packaging of the solution build in such a way that it allowed for a direct submission to the app store.
  • End-to-end ownership of the process, right from detailing the requirements to iTunes® submission.
  • Full lifecycle engineering including documentation, technical support and product upgrades.

In developing this solution, Celstream used the following key software technologies:

  • iOS, JSON
  • Xcode
  • Windows 2008 Server
  • Objective-C

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