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"Expanding Product Development Capability in a New Domain with a Dedicated Offshore Team"

In today's world, time and differentiating technology are key drivers in a competitive market. Our customer, an emerging independent software vendor in the content space had developed advanced proprietary technology, but did not have the time or the necessary resources to demonstrate their technology capabilities and develop vertical solutions. Based on an extensive evaluation of our offshore software engineering capabilities, strong product development experience and state-of-the-art facilities, the customer decided to partner with Celstream for developing vertical solutions.


Our customer was pioneering technology in a new emerging domain, with few market precedents. The challenge was to therefore thoroughly understand the domain and the customer's technology in an emerging market. As the task at hand was to develop vertical solutions, we also needed to identify the market needs for the various applications where the technology could be deployed. Further, we had to quickly establish an effective engineering relationship and build a team with the requisite skills from scratch to meet the customer's time-to-market goals.

Key Highlights

  • Rapidly deployed a team from scratch in a new domain
  • Complete product development responsibility for vertical solutions
  • Exceeded customer's product roadmap goals
  • Generated a patent application for the customer
Celstream Response

Celstream responded to the customer's need with an offshore Dedicated Development Facility (DDF), which would exclusively reserve engineering resources and act as an extension of the customer's engineering team. This would enable Celstream to build and retain specialized domain knowledge for the customer. The DDF undertook complete lifecycle product development responsibility for developing vertical solutions.

A senior Celstream Engineering Manager, responsible for the DDF, initially visited the customer to understand the technology and domain and their product plans. In partnership with the customer, Celstream identified three broad vertical markets where the customer's technology could be gainfully deployed - publishing, enterprise and video. Software development and testing, project management and communication methods were also agreed upon and an initial working relationship was established. Care was taken to ensure that the offshore engineering overheads did not overwhelm the customer's small engineering organization.

Based on the product roadmap requirements, Celstream ramped up the DDF to a 16-engineer team with the desired skills in two months. Our effective human resource capabilities enabled us to attract, train and deploy appropriate resources. A high-speed communication link was established between Celstream and the customer's US site. Special emphasis was placed on IPR protection through physical separation of facilities and logical isolation of networks. The necessary software development tools were deployed and project deliveries commenced.

The dedicated communication link was used to transfer files, and access the customer's intranet, bug-tracking system (StarTeam™) and configuration management system (Visual Source Safe™). Strong communication at all levels between the Celstream DDF and the customer's engineering organization facilitated smooth operations. This included weekly tele-conferences and quarterly meetings to review project deliveries. Celstream also participated in the customer roadmap meetings on an ongoing basis.

Over the course of a year+, Celstream enabled the customer to launch solutions for the publishing market and helped deploy applications for end-users. For video, our engineers extensively researched different platforms for deployment and pulled in time to market dates by nearly 2 years. A rich media solution developed for an end-user generated a patent application for the customer. In the enterprise vertical, prototypes were developed for two segments - manufacturing and education.

In a span of 12 months, Celstream had successfully partnered with the customer by extending their engineering capability with a 31-engineer team in the DDF and enabling them to develop and launch vertical solutions.

Benefits to Customer

Rapid Deployment

Celstream's extensive expertise in offshore product engineering and operating dedicated development facilities for global product firms enabled us to quickly understand the problems faced by our customer.

We were thus able to quickly establish the necessary physical infrastructure to commence product development. More importantly, we rapidly deployed the necessary resources to address the customer's product development roadmap.

In a matter of 12 months, Celstream was managing a DDF with 31 engineers in a new domain.


In developing this DDF, Celstream used the following key software tools and technologies:

  • Proprietary customer technology
  • Java
  • C++
  • StarTeam
  • COM
  • Visual Source Safe

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