Transform Your Products to Dynamically Scalable and Pay-per-use Services

"Re-imagine Your Products As a Services Business"

Products as a Service models have inherent abilities to dynamically scale and be cost effective for both the service owners and the consumers. It also enhances the ability to effectively manage the business operations & management services like registrations, subscriptions, billing, monitoring, reporting, tracking KPIs and many more.

A high-tech company used to offer its applications only as an on-premises product suite. With the increasing number of hosted instances the operational challenges of managing the environment increased dramatically. This is when the company decided to offer their products as a services.

Celstream was chosen as the technology partner by the company to help SaaSify their products. The solution delivered enabled our customer to achieve significant operational efficiencies, global scale and new revenue streams.

  • Managing large numbers of customer/tenant instances due to the lack of a centralized business module
  • Attaining dynamic scalability to ensure greater business growth
  • Improving operational insights across all business instances through in-depth reporting
Celstream Response

Our deep expertise in both conventional and emerging technologies allowed us to deliver rapid, reliable migration of the on-premise product suite to cloud and make it available with “as a Service” features within a short time frame. The key highlights of the engagement include:

  • Multi-layer app analysis to assist in Cloudification and SaaSification strategic planning
  • Automation based prototyping and implementation of SaaSification without re-engineering the products
  • Introduction of multi-tenancy to transform the product suitefrom an on-premises model to SaaS
  • Development of a centralized system to seamlessly control end-to-end operations and management across all tenant instances and integration with key business systems
  • Real-time reports & analytics for specific and across tenants
  • Automation of delivery and management of apps on the Cloud
Benefits to Customer
  • Lower cost of service delivery
  • Improved operations and management capabilities
  • Enhanced tenant data security
  • Accelerated time-to-market due to rapid delivery of the solution
  • Consolidated, easy-to-use dashboards & reporting tools for efficient & informed management

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