White papers

A white paper on Survey Analytics using Elasticsearch ®
Online surveys can generate a colossal volume of information that can be remarkably useful in any digital marketing strategy. Survey analytics, the systematic analysis of online survey data to obtain crucial insights into different types of customer behaviour, is an essential tool to tap the incredible potential of the online market. Handling the massive and rapidly growing volume of data available in online surveys, however, is quite a significant challenge. An effective survey analytics solution has to not only store and analyse enormous volumes of survey data but also retrieve and process this data as fast as possible.In this context, here is a white paper on how to exponentially improve the performance of a survey analytics solution using Elasticsearch.

A white paper on the Significance of the V4 Printer Driver
Despite enjoying a considerable amount of success for well over a decade, the V3 printer driver has a few inherent shortcomings that come in the way of print performance. The V4 driver was conceived to improve the stability and security of the printing system. It is also architected to provide a seamless print experience in the evolving cloud and mobile ecosystems.In this context, we are pleased to present a white paper on the V4 printer driver that highlights its key advantages over the V3 driver. The white paper is based on our deep expertise in imaging technologies and presents approach to implementing V4 print drivers in various contexts including improving print speed, bi-di job control over USB/networks, and cloud printing. Please click below to read the white paper.

A white paper on Common threats and Resolution for application
Application security is a key concern for any modern software product. Web applications, in particular, need to have an enhanced development process that applies checkpoints and techniques throughout the lifecycle to minimize vulnerabilities. This white paper presents the key practices to identify, classify and resolve security risks in a web application.