Engagement Models

There are several aspects that you will need to consider prior to selecting your product co-development partner. Some of the key ones are:

  • Does the prospective offshore partner have the domain and technology expertise?
  • Will I have to compromise on quality and time-to-market objectives?
  • Will I have adequate control over the product development engagement?
  • What would be my investment risk?

The key is to develop an offshore strategy that satisfactorily answers the above questions and brings a balance between your immediate, short-term objectives and your strategic, long-term objectives.

Celstream has been offering Product Engineering Services for several years to global technology customers. We have distilled our knowledge and experience to implement engagement models, which suit the needs of our customers. The foundation of our success has been our emphasis on building partnerships and not just a vendor relationship. We have been successful in engaging and guiding companies to take systematic steps towards achieving their final goals of product development outsourcing.

Depending upon the scope of your requirement, we can enable your outsourcing initiatives to achieve the manifold benefits of outsourcing product development, including enhanced productivity, increased innovation capacity, faster time-to-market and significant cost benefits. Our flexible engagement models can be classified as below:

For the co-development endeavor to succeed, the key is to develop a relationship of mutual trust and understanding, supported by strong credentials in various areas like domain expertise, processes, infrastructure, flexibility in coordination and collaboration, etc. Overall, Celstream is well equipped with the necessary expertise and infrastructure to help you develop best of breed products and solutions for your customers.