Product Co-development

For a New Product Development (NPD) activity to succeed vis-à-vis its time and cost objectives, your co-development partner has to efficiently manage three crucial parameters viz., "scope", "schedule" and "resource". Any deviation in one parameter will result in a manifold increase in cost and time.


Celstream, a global Offshore Software Development company and an ideal product co-development partner, has a rich heritage of developing new products for global customers in diverse industries and domains. Our expertise stretches across the entire lifecycle of product development. We understand the dynamics and challenges involved in building a product from scratch. Being a product creation and sustenance company, we possess core competencies in:

  • Product ideation
  • Requirements definition and analysis
  • Prototype development
  • Design and development of the new product
  • Testing and QA
  • Maintenance

A key reason for our successful product development ventures has been our reliance on methods and processes that have been distilled through years of experience across various domains. Our understanding of the dynamics of the product development process enables us to evolve complete products from unstructured specifications. We understand the intricacies and special needs of product development, such as: evolvability, maintainability, scalability, internationalization/localization, ease of use, ease of installation. We have coordinated with our customers in driving the entire product development program, including interacting with end-users and suggesting product roadmaps.

This collective experience shapes the product development services we offer you and enables in mitigating risk, improving quality, achieving the desired cost benefit and meeting the overall product roadmap goals. Leveraging the experience and expertise, we are able to give you the desired focus, discipline and commitment for driving the product to new levels of performance and functionality.

Some of our successful product development stories include:

  • Cloud-based DMAM software for SMB media companies
  • Management software product for the Print Industry
  • Software product development for rich-media content distribution for the Transportation industry
  • A product to enable business-to-business Intelligent Network Services between enterprises
  • File Synchronization software product for Personal Storage
  • Mobile app for collaborative content development for the advertisement and publishing industry
  • Enterprise mobility solution to increase productivity and service efficacy of the field technicians in varied industries
  • Android-based smart devices and front panel solutions for medical and imaging industry

Our success in new product creation has been a result of our:

  • Understanding of product strategies and access to specialized skills
  • Transparent engagement models that gives a ring-side view of the project
  • Product development collaboration methodology, which provides up-to-date project status communication allowing quick decisions to be taken
  • Proven processes that enable delivery of rugged quality and predictability of delivery

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