Product Sustenance

The continued development of market released products is a significant need of technology companies. During its lifetime, a product is vulnerable to defects and inefficiencies, subject to changes in market requirement and new technological requirements among others. These incremental changes in the product's functionality (and life), requires the product to go through enhancements, optimizations and sustenance.

Celstream offers comprehensive and fail-proof methodologies to ensure effective transition of the engineering activities associated with the market released products. Our customers have transitioned to us critical product development outsourcing projects at several different stages of the lifecycle. For over a decade, we have been handling such requirements of our global customers and taking the product to new levels of performance and functionality.

Implementing program transition as a systematic and planned activity increases the success rate of the co-development effort. We will handhold you through each stage of the transition process, right from the stage of strategic alignment to the minute operational details. At each stage of the transition, through in-built filters, we will review the progress with you.

Our Product Sustenance services ensure that you are able to focus and concentrate your efforts in more strategic areas such as new product roadmaps and release management, rather than get bogged down in issues pertaining to a maturing or obsolete product. Our services for Product Sustenance encompass:

Product Enhancements

We can take small modules, parts of your product and develop new modules based on the new criteria. Our focus covers enhancements across diverse technology platforms and architectures.

One of our success stories includes the overall enhancement of a highly successful Broadcast software product through several stages, for one of our customers in the media industry. The software product development process since its transition to us in its 1st generation has now been evolved to its 7th generation!

Porting & Migration

We can help meet your unique integration and migration needs. Our knowledge and expertise in diverse technology platforms (embedded, systems software, etc.) enables us to perform integration and migration of software across complex platforms in heterogeneous environments.

For instance, we have successfully developed a cross-platform application for a global imaging company that involved the porting of Windows desktop software to Apple Mac and multiple Mobile OS platforms. This effort substantially enlarged the addressable users for the product.


We can take up assignments to optimize your product for improving its performance, functionality, scalability and flexibility to adapt to new technologies. Additionally, these optimizations can help you eliminate inefficiencies in the product.

For a global high-tech company, we had arranged to optimize their flagship management solution for superior response time and performance whilst concurrently scaling the solution from being locally administered to internet-scale solution.

Maintenance & Support

As your product matures and nears the end of its lifecycle, there are many concurrent activities that you will need for its maintenance and support. As a product engineering services company, we provide services that address the unique needs during the after-sales stage of your product. These could be in terms of bug fixes, minor enhancements and testing.

For a leading computing company, we have successfully done sustenance work for the device drivers of their product. Our services helped enhance the functionality of an existing established product.

Our strong understanding of the product lifecycle management gives us a unique advantage to execute and dever top-class product sustenance efforts. Our success stories across various industries are a testimony of our rich experience in these areas. These are possible because of our emphasis on knowledge application, continuous skill development and process discipline.

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