Resource Augmentation

In an increasingly complex marketplace, sustaining the competitive edge requires a strong focus on your core business objective – to enable your customer’s success through your products and solutions. Sourcing and maintaining a reliable and competent workforce that matches the market dynamics can be highly challenging for any company.

With over a decade track record of outsourcing services, Celstream has been the trusted partner of several global companies seeking strategic and specialized staff to augment their in-house product and solution delivery teams.

Our customers have benefitted from our staffing services by:

  • Reduced sourcing, training and re-training costs
  • Better ability to manage the spikes in staffing plan to meet the time-to-market and cost objectives
  • Effective means of maintaining released products/solutions that involve hard-to-find skills

Our staffing services are based on a time-tested approach of talent acquisition and resource management of highly skilled resources. The staffing services broadly covers all service, industry and technology areas of Celstream product engineering services including:

  • Enterprise application development
  • Apple technologies
  • Web technologies
  • Cloud computing
  • Mobile app and Enterprise Mobility
  • Embedded, Firmware and hardware-oriented skills
  • Software/Firmware testing & QA and Test Automation
  • Software Engineering Process (SEPG) and Quality Assurance (SQA)
  • Configuration Management, Release and Build engineering

Our flexible resource augmentation services:

  • Allow customers to scale their operations quickly and selectively meeting fluctuating demands
  • Leverage readily available resource pool
  • Increase cost-efficiencies – savings in costs related to recruitment, skills training, resource replacement
  • Readily finds resources with hard-to-find skills
  • Fix temporary or specialized skill gaps
  • Offer easy access to a broad range of technical skill-sets through a simple contracting process