Testing & Certification

Product Testing, Quality Assurance (QA) and Certification are crucial for technology companies as they enable higher quality, lower costs, increased customer satisfaction and ultimately greater competitive advantage.

Celstream's Testing & QA services can help you stay competitive in the market place. We can keep your overall product development costs down while maintaining the same, high level of product quality. Our robust product testing methodologies, coupled with our comprehensive understanding of the product development lifecycle, have resulted in yearly quality improvements, cycle time reduction, increased productivity and overall end-user satisfaction for our customers. We ensure a process-driven approach for all our Testing & QA engagements. Further, our smooth and efficient collaboration with your development team ensures reduced cycle times and faster releases of defect-free products.


Celstream has extensive experience in product testing, QA and certification services. We employ defect tracking mechanisms, tools and traceability matrices to track and ensure that all requirements are verified and tested. Our competencies span the entire testing spectrum, including areas such as:

  • Determining test strategy
  • Determining/preparing test environment and test ware (i.e. test cases, suites and harnesses)
  • Automation of build, test setup and execution
  • Performing product QA tests and certification tests
  • Tracking results, problems/bugs and fixes

Our engineers possess the expertise in test engineering across a wide range of requirements. Our product testing capabilities include:

  • Connected Devices & IoT solution validation
  • Embedded & firmware testing
  • Cloud, hybrid and on-premises software testing
  • Mobile apps and app store testing
  • SaaS application validation
  • End-to-end solution testing
  • API, SDK and framework testing
  • Cross-platform compatibility testing
  • Certifications, such as for protocol stacks and standards
  • Compliance tests, such as for OS compatibility
  • Usability testing

Celstream's system test engineering methodology is based on its rich experience in product engineering - from requirements definition to verification and validation of products. Our system test engineering approach has been derived from our successful experience in operating a 60-member worldwide QA test lab for over ten years for one of our customers - a global leader in the computer peripheral industry.

Apart from bringing methodical approaches, our testing skills include:

  • White-box testing
  • Black-box testing
  • Scenario testing
  • Performance benchmarks
  • Regression testing
  • Load, reliability and stress testing
  • Scalability testing
  • Deployment testing for cloud and hybrid solutions including multi-tenancy, elasticity and security tests
  • Mobile app testing including device compatibility, latency, MOS compliance, security, network & service provider tests
  • Interoperability testing
  • Code coverage testing
  • Test automation

Celstream's high quality Testing & QA services is due to a strong process-driven approach, in-depth product development knowledge and finally due to our undiluted focus on reducing product test cycles. The benefit to the customer: improved product quality and satisfied end-users!

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