Turnkey Development

Ensuring long-term competitiveness in the current business environment, that is rapidly evolving and which presents a high degree of uncertainty and complexity, is increasingly necessitating a partnered, turnkey approach.


Celstream offers tailor-made turnkey services that are specifically designed to meet the ever-changing market demands of its customers. The services entail:

Our end-to-end life-cycle competencies span from product conceptualization to realization, including design, development, quality assurance and professional services. These product development capabilities are combined with intellectual assets and reusable components to automate aspects of product development. Together, our Turnkey Development Services combines the depth, diversity and delivery capability to meet evolving market requirements and comprehensively satisfy complex business and technical needs.


Key customer benefits of the Turnkey Development Services include:

  • Expansion of product portfolio: Celstream's turnkey deliverables allow for planning and delivering additional products in your roadmap
  • Reduce cost and project risk: Our turnkey expertise encompassing end to-end product development expertise, in-depth domain know-how and efficient project management limit the risks affecting schedules and investment
  • Ensure quick entry into market: Celstream’s intellectual assets and reusable components automate aspects of product development to accelerate time-to-market of products. Besides, as a single point of contact, Celstream is able to reduce the number of interfaces and streamline schedules
  • Reduce development costs: As a single point of responsibility and accountability, Celstream's turnkey capability ensures greater coordination and control to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Also, Celstream’s Solution Accelerators shorten the development life-cycle to further reduce development costs.
  • Enables greater strategic focus: Frees client resources to focus on key strategic initiatives and the marketing of products profitably, while Celstream handles all the nuances of product design, development, deployment and support.

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