Content Management

Effective integration of digital assets with business systems is a critical factor in streamlining business workflows and running an efficient enterprise. Increasing cross-functional involvement in the enterprise have also necessitated that such digital assets are available on-demand for a wider collaboration. Digital Asset Management solutions that leverage emerging technologies like cloud, mobile and analytics, can not only allow enterprises to meet their business objectives, but can also enable them to reduce costs, increase flexibility and deliver innovative customer experiences.


Celstream has proven experience of delivering best-in-class digital asset management solutions. We have handled all aspects of the digital content lifecycle, from creation through distribution to consumption, including solutions to publish pre-approved assets; advertisement, identification and location of digital assets; and interfaces to workflows. We are experienced in developing complex architectures for content and image management solutions that meet present industry standards and compliance requirements. Our key capabilities include:

  • Management of distributed content
  • Re-purposing of content for end use
  • Integration with legacy applications to recover and reuse content
  • Migration to a new technology
  • Customization
  • Maintenance of industry standards and compliance issues

We can help you take advantage of our expertise and customized services in the technology domain, to develop innovative solutions that will enable your customers gain greater access to content without compromising security needs.

Based on our strong expertise in DAM technologies and our deep solution engineering expertise, we offer implementation of:

  • Document Management Solutions
  • Digital Rights Management Solutions
  • Content Workflows and Integration
  • Image Management Solutions
  • Rich Media Solutions

Our product co-development efforts for an industry pioneer resulted in the generation of a successful patent, which was assigned to our customer. This is an exemplary case of our strong domain skills and high level of commitment in implementing collaborative relationships with our customers.

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