Enterprise Mobility

Today’s field force spends very little time at the office. While corporate headquarters are agile and dynamic, the disconnect between the field force and the corporate can cripple the way service requests and customer touch points are handled.

Best in class companies have devised methods for the field force to have critical information at their fingertips, driving efficiency in the ways their remote staff work, either alone or collaboratively with others in the enterprise. This gap in productivity is exponential between such best-in-class companies and the rest.


Celstream, with its experience of working with services organizations over the years, has created an innovative content sharing and collaboration platform - ‘mPower’. mPower can easily be customized to efficiently serve the service, support, and sales functions, driving collaborative efficiencies across an organization, enabling improved first-time fix rates, enhanced productivity and increased customer satisfaction. Available on the Apple® iPad® and a range of Android™ tablets, mPower:

  • Utilizes the advancements in mobile technology for rich and intuitive user experience
  • Offers customization to address industry-specific application requirements
  • Is secure, scalable and enterprise-ready

Improved Field Force Productivity

mPower allows organizations to vastly improve the agility of their field force with before, on field, and post service activities by enabling:

  • On-the-go visibility of customer issues, focused action based on customer history, and quick assignment of resources
  • Instant access to resolution scenarios, including rich documents and videos, and quick connectivity with subject matter experts, improving resolution time
  • On the spot recording of actions performed, facilitating immediate closure and reduced paperwork

Superior Customer Relationship Management

This application saves service organizations a significant amount of time and cost by reducing customer interface cycles. The app facilitates:

  • Immediate processing of customer transactions by easily communicating with, and accessing required information from the organizational CRM
  • Instant communication of cross-sell, up-sell information including relevant ongoing promotional activities, tapping new revenue opportunities

Integrated Enterprise Resource Planning and Supply Chain Management Systems

mPower increases the end to end visibility of the issue resolution for the services professionals by enabling integration with the organization’s ERP and SCM implementations.

The app can support your needs of improved visibility of inventory, effective tracking of parts, reduced processing time through instant ordering, and help optimize the reverse logistics process.

Efficient Content Management System

The solution enables the service as well as the sales professionals alike to provide superior customer service with instant access to updated support documentation, drawings, demo videos and knowledge repositories stored in the organization database.

Smart Services Management

mPower can help service professionals optimize their customer or field visits, with the solutions' ability to integrate with solutions that provide service alerts, notifications and diagnostics.


  • Real-time content synchronization, including automated and scheduled file syncs
  • Easy integration with enterprise systems and leading CRM, ERP and CMS solutions
  • Ability to view content in connected and offline mode
  • Extensive file format support for documents, images, and videos
  • Enterprise ready – secure, scalable, single sign-on
  • Ease of administration through a browser based Content Publishing and Management console
  • Improved auditability through usage logs and reports
  • Customizable to include your branding elements

With competition intensifying, and customer’s demands increasing, our seamless workforce collaboration and content sharing solution can help you stay ahead. To know how mPower can benefit your field service, please contact us.