Smart Panels

The proprietary interface panels on a significant portion of electronic equipment have not evolved a great deal, and presently offer limited functionality and a bland user experience. A few pioneering OEMs, however are taking a lead from the exploding mobile ecosystem to design next generation front panel solutions that provide immersive user experience and rich functionality at lower costs.


Celstream’s Smart Panel solutions are android-based software that:

  • Leverage cloud services to increase functionality over the default equipment feature-set
  • Enhance mobility by moving functionality from the equipment to a mobile device
  • Offer customization to address industry-specific application requirements, even after shipping
  • Use the existing rich smartphone and tablet application ecosystem

Standard Functionality

Celstream’s Smart Panels can easily incorporate existing interface functionality, configuration and settings.

The base feature set is exposed to users with the OEM’s look and feel. Based on user privileges, end users or administrators can be presented with different capabilities and configuration parameters.

Dynamic Capability Transformation

The Smart Panels enable dynamic transformation of the feature set in conjunction with a remotely stored application and device management framework to equip an electronic equipment to address a unique requirement.

Unlike existing front panels, where the feature-set does not change after shipment, the Smart Panels allow remote provisioning, installation and de-installation of an application set as and when required.

Integrated Cloud Framework

The Smart Panels enable OEMs to offer more features and functionality than what would have been possible with the existing front panels.

With integrated cloud framework, the panels can enable parts/consumables fulfillment, remote device management, service support and intelligent job management.

Operational Mobility

Celstream can extend the fixed, front panel functionality resident on the equipment to a mobile, front panel application running on smartphones and tablets.

Users in proximity of the equipment can operate it directly from their smartphones and tablets.

Hardware Independence

The Smart Panels can be independent of specific OEM hardware. The panel functionality can be reduced to an application that can be installed on smartphones and tablets interfacing with a range of equipment offered by the OEM. The result is a consistent user interface and the convenient ability to customize across product ranges.

Users in proximity of the equipment can operate it directly from their smartphones and tablets.

Compatibility & Customization

The Smart Panels can support any proprietary firmware or application stack allowing OEMs to addresses the consumer, specialty, SMB and enterprise markets needs with specific solutions.

Customization can be done based on geography, industry and even user or role. With the application ecosystem, the feature set of the equipment can also be customized dynamically based on requirements.

Rich Application Ecosystem

The Smart Panels enable access to applications already developed for mobile operating systems. These applications can be resident on the front panel or hosted on a remote cloud.

The Smart Panels exposes device capabilities as SDK extensions, enabling application developers to easily incorporate additional functionality.

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