Smart Services

With the rise in the number of connected devices, OEMs and service providers across the globe are finding it difficult to manage their devices effectively. They face challenges of meeting rising customer demands, reducing expenses of managing devices, and remaining competitive.

As technology advances, enterprises are increasingly moving from ad-hoc to more structured management, maintenance and controls for their devices. But even these solutions are often limited by proprietary lock-ins, siloed implementations for multi-type devices, expensive customization and operation, and security loopholes.

The need of the hour is a solution that evolves with the business and fosters product-centric to services-led business transformation.


Celstream’s Smart Services Solution is an intelligent device-to-services offering that allows full lifecycle, advanced management of distributed assets for organizations. This solution allows OEMs and service providers to centrally, securely track, monitor & manage their multi-device deployments. It enables discovery, diagnosis and resolution of issues faster through automated workflows. The solution helps drive operational efficiencies and the power to meet customer expectations of better services at lower cost. Smart Services Solution can be a significant lever in accelerating your journey to being a services-led organization.


Our solution is a highly scalable, secure, customizable open-standards platform. The solution can help OEMs and service providers to:

  • Easily manage distributed assets across the complete life-cycle (MACD), encompassing multiple device types
  • Reduce downtime with easy integration of device health information, and provision for alerts
  • Augment business value through smarter collaboration between devices, people and systems
  • Effortlessly maintain and upgrade devices with patches and service packs being auto-provisioned
  • Bolster security with policy/role-based access, client-initiated secure sessions and dynamic IP addressing
  • Seamlessly provision devices with auto-provision options, initial and mass configuration

The solution strengthens your operations and maximizes the ROI at each stage of the journey:

  • Connect – enable your device to communicate with other systems (device-to-device/server/cloud) and provide real time visibility to device data and behaviour
  • Capture – enable real-time view of group of devices and analysis based on accumulated information (current or historical)
  • Control – enable mass management of the deployment including changes to configuration, feature upgrades, firmware patches, security and usage policies
  • Collaborate – enable faster decision making and optimized business operations by seamless integration of device data with business workflows and systems
  • Transform – enable new services driven business models, revenue streams and an agile enterprise based on a self-adapting solution

To know how we can help you efficiently manage deployed devices, maximize savings and keep you ahead of competition, contact us.